I am fortune's fool!
Niamh|18|England. (not the original owner of this URL i'm just lazy coming up with my own ideas)
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diablostuck asked: Is that you, with the pastels in your hair? You look perf. Marry me.


yeah, it’s back to a white/blonde/blue now sadly, but aw thank you c:

dudethisblogisweird asked: wow you must of gotten a lot of hate from that 1d post...


The funny thing is i got more praise than anything, plus it wasn’t me that wrote it, the original owner or this url was a guy, i am female.


*a single snowflake falls on the ground* shit man no school tomorrow

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Just hanging out!

its tiny

whats up with the husky chihuahua?

She is an alaskan klee kai, a pure breed of dog, completely unrelated to a chihuahua.
Klee kai are a rare breed of dog that resembles a small husky. She is also very small for breed

honestly thank you so much. 

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